Planned Sessions

Planned sessions are available to all members training with a Studio or Studio Lift and are a collection of workouts which allow you to either use the equipment that you have in your home, or the Studio Lift, to train at your own pace. Unlike video on demand classes, there is no instructor taking you through the sessions, however demo videos are provided to guide you through the exercises within the session. 

Planned sessions are a way to expand on your training regime outside of the on demand classes, utilizing the equipment available to you. 

If you have a Studio, you can access Planned Sessions by tapping on the Studio tab and scrolling on the sub nav bar until you see “Planned.” This will open a list of Planned Sessions.

If you have a Lift, you can access Planned Session by tapping on the Lift tab, then tapping on the “Planned” sub-tab. This will open a list of Planned Sessions.

Custom Planned Sessions

Similar to Planned Sessions, Custom Planned Sessions are workouts that are custom curated for you by your FORME trainer to enhance your training experience. If you’re training on the Studio or Studio Lift, under the “Your Plan” tab, you’ll see your Custom Planned Sessions (CPS), as well as on the Studio or Lift tab. Your trainer will provide you with the schedule of custom sessions to complete, enhancing your Live Personal Training sessions. Read more on Custom Planned Sessions.

If you aren’t currently training Live 1:1 with a FORME trainer and you’d like to learn more, you can contact