How to Check your Network Status

To determine if your Studio is successfully connected to the internet, open the Control Center on the top right corner of the Studio screen, then tap the Settings tile. Next, tap the System icon to open the System Settings menu. Tap “View” next to the Network Status line close to the bottom of the list.

If you are connecting to Ethernet, you should see a green “Connected” next to the network type.

If you are connecting to WiFi, you should see a green “Connected” next to the network type.  In addition, under “Performance” look for:

  • Can access API = Yes
  • Upload speeds = >25 Mbps
  • Download speeds = >10 Mbps
  • Streaming bitrate >1.5Mb

For optimal performance, the Studio requires upload and download speeds of at least 10 Mbps, with 25 Mbps preferred. Read more in our Network Connection Requirements.

If you are still experiencing issues, you can reach out to our Member Support team at

Note: the FORME Studio does not support advanced network configurations at this time, including networks that require additional sign in steps via a browser portal, or VPN connections.