Setting the resistance for the Lift arms

Anytime you’re in a workout that uses the Lift arms, you’ll see the resistance control on the screen. Currently, you can set a maximum resistance of 75 lbs per arm and a minimum resistance of 5 lbs.

You can adjust resistance one of two ways:

  1. Tap on the up or down arrows to make 1-pound adjustments or access a keypad by tapping the number in the center of the resistance control. Micro adjustments with the arrows can be performed while the cables are in any position, and the resistance will update immediately. 
  2. To make larger adjustments, allow the cables to fully retract. Then tap the displayed resistance to expose the keypad. After entering your desired resistance and tapping Engage, you’ll feel the new resistance the next time you pull the cables.

The personalized resistance settings are based on age, gender, weight, fitness level, and other relevant criteria. All resistance data is saved per workout and feeds your personalized resistance-setting profile.

During a workout, any resistance adjustments made to a movement, will be fed into our algorithm so that resistance levels for other similar exercises are adjusted automatically.

All weight moved per workout and over time is recorded into your profile in the app.