Safety Recommendations

Please make sure to follow our recommended safety tips to ensure you’re getting the best and safest experience with your Studio Lift!

  1. Keep all young children, pets and objects away from the Lift during use. We’ve also included arm covers which can also be used to protect the cables from being pulled out when the machine isn’t in use. Read more about using the arm covers.
  2. Use two hands any time you are moving the Lift arms. It’s best practice to hold the Height or Hug button with one hand, while carefully guiding the arm with your other hand.
  3. Support the arms till they lock into position. Make sure to follow the screen prompts to know when the arm is locked into place.
  4. Ensure that the cables are fully retracted before adjusting the arm. The cable should always be retracted before you adjust the arm hug or height.
  5. Ensure the accessories are always securely attached to the quick release. Make sure to give the accessory a small tug once it’s attached to the quick release to ensure it’s securely in place. Read more about how to attach and detach your Lift accessories.
  6. Set a passcode to limit unintended use of the Lift arms. Setting the passcode prevents the arms from being accidentally moved when not in use. Read more about setting a passcode.
  7. Stowing your arms is the safest position to leave your machine. The quick release and cable remain operational when FORME is not in use and the arms are unstowed, so we always recommend stowing the arms after use. Read more about stowing your Lift arms.