Troubleshooting the Studio Lift

Should an issue arise with the machine, the Studio Lift will show you a dialogue box on the screen with what steps to take, if needed.


If one of the Lift arms needs to be reset, a message will prompt you to press the [Left/Right Hug/Height] button and hold for 3 seconds before releasing. Please do not release the arm until the arm is fully locked. Once reset, the message will disappear. If the message remains, please reattempt pressing and holding the button up to 2 more times.

Power cycling

Performing a full power cycle is often the best way to easily troubleshoot and reset the Lift. To perform a power cycle:

  1. Find the lower access door on the right side of your Studio Lift. Tap the top of that door, and it will tilt out. 
  2. Remove the door and set it aside. Inside the door is a rocker switch. Simply flip that switch to power your Studio Lift off or on. If you have trouble reaching the switch, just grab a pen. If your Lift is off, just flip the switch in the other direction to turn it back on.

Alternatively, you can pull the AC power cable from the outlet, wait 5 seconds, then plug it back in.

If the issue persists, please attempt the above steps one more time, and if the issue still is not resolved, please contact our Member Support team at