Just Lift

Under the “Lift” tab on the navigation bar on the Studio screen, you’ll see the “Featured” tab, which shows you our top Lift classes. Here, you’ll also be able to use the Lift in Freestyle mode, which allows you to use your Lift without a pre-set workout.

Tap “Just Lift” to get started. Next, you’ll be able to select from a list of curated music playlists to supplement your workout. Tap “Start Lift Session” to begin your workout. 

The arms will immediately unstow (if they were previously in a stowed position). Follow the prompts on the screen to fully unstow each arm and bring it into a locked position. You’ll see a green check mark appear on the screen when the arm is in a fully locked position. You can read more about Unstowing the Lift arms.

Once both arms are fully unstowed, you’re ready to begin your Just Lift workout! Attach your accessory, set the resistance using the resistance control pad, and begin your session. 

On the top left corner of the Studio screen you’ll see the reps begin to count for each rep you complete. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the total workout time elapsed, the total weight moved from all of your reps completed to that moment, and if you are wearing your heart rate monitor, you will see calories burned and heart rate. 

When you fully retract the Lift arms, you’ll have the option to tap the “Mark Completed” button, which will end your current rep set (this will set your reps count to zero). You can continue this as many times for as many rep sets as you wish. When you’re ready to end the session, tap the screen, then tap the “End Class” button on the top left corner of the Studio screen.