In-session Lift arm prompts

During a workout, the Studio Lift will show on-screen prompts for the recommended Height position, Hug position, and attachment to be used for a prescribed movement. The Height can be set to 7 different positions, designated as 1 - 7, from lowest to highest. Similarly, the Hug can be adjusted to 4 different widths, designated as A - D, from narrowest to widest position.

The Studio Lift will display the recommended position for a given movement, by indicating the numbered Height and letter Hug position. Within each prompt, arrows will indicate the direction the arm should be adjusted. If an arm is already in the correct position, the prompt will be replaced by a checkmark. 

The Lift will also display the recommended attachment for both arms at the beginning of each exercise in which the cables are used. When you see the attachment prompt, ensure you have the correct attachment connected on each arm. In some cases, one arm might need a different Lift attachment than the other.