Adjusting the Lift arm hug

The Studio Lift arms can be adjusted horizontally to 4 different angles, up to 90°. We call this adjusting the “hug” of the arms. To adjust the hug, press and hold the Hug button (the one with the circle) to unlock the arm. On the screen, you’ll see the hug unlock. Once fully unlocked, you can begin to move the arm to the hug position you want. Remember to always use two hands when adjusting the arms.

Continue to hold the button while you move the arm towards or away from the wall. When you have the arm at your desired hug (A - D), release the button. The arm will now lock in place. 

For safety purposes, we only allow you to change the position of one arm at a time. Also, the cables should be fully retracted before you adjust the arm in any way.