Stowing the Lift arms

When you are done with your workout, we recommend the arms be stowed behind the Studio. The stowed position is the safest placement to prevent unintended use of the quick release and cables. Before stowing the arms, make sure that you remove any attachments connected to the quick release. Pull out and place the quick release onto the dock for safe storage. In order for the arms to properly stow, the quick release needs to be docked.

Next, lower the arms to the lowest height position close to the wall (beyond position 1). We call this the Stow position. Remember to always use two hands when adjusting the arms. Tap the Stow Arms button. If you’re at the end of a workout, you’ll find that button on the workout summary screen. The Stow Arms button is also available in the Control Center. To begin stowing the arms, make sure they’re at the lowest height setting. The arm hug will unlock automatically, allowing you to rotate the arm out of sight, behind the mirror.

As with any fitness equipment, it’s important to be aware of the places where moving parts could pinch your fingers. Using your fingers, press gently on the front of the shoulder, until it locks in place, behind the Studio mirror. When you hear the arm lock into place, you’ll see confirmation on screen that the arm has been stowed. Repeat these steps for the other arm.