Unstowing the Lift arms

Unstowing is the process to release the arms for use in your workout. Before unstowing, make sure there are no items on the left or right side of your Studio Lift that could prevent the arms from unstowing. Typically, the unstow process automatically begins anytime the arms are needed, for example: when you begin a strength training class.

When the unstow process begins, the arms will pop out from behind the mirror. Grab the shoulder - that’s the rounded top part of the arm - and pull it away from the wall. Follow the prompts on the screen to fully unstow each arm and bring it into a locked position. You’ll see a green check mark appear on the screen when the arm is in a fully locked position. 

Always use two hands when managing the Studio Lift arms. When you hear the arm lock into place, it’s unstowed. Repeat this step for the other arm and you’ll see a message on the screen, confirming that the arms are unstowed. You’re now ready to begin your workout!