How to prepare for your Live Training Session

Joining your Live 1:1 Training session is easy. Set yourself up for success in three simple steps before meeting with your Trainer: 

  1. If you wish to use a Heart Rate Monitor or Bluetooth Headphones during your training session, please ensure you have them successfully paired prior to joining the session via the pairing HRM or bluetooth device instructions.
  2. If using WiFi with your Studio, ensure you have upload and download speeds of at least 10Mb/s to ensure the best Live 1:1 experience. You can check these numbers directly on your Studio by following the below directions: 
    1. Tap the Control Center on the upper right corner of the Studio screen
    2. Tap the “Settings” tile
    3. Tap the “Systems” tile
    4. Scroll down on that screen until you see the “Network Status” option. Tap Network Status
    5. Scroll towards the bottom of that screen to see the upload & download speeds

      3. Plan on joining 5-minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure no unexpected connectivity issues occur: 

Feel free to also view our Live 1:1 Training Session Guide for additional information on how to best prepare for your Training Sessions.