Streaming Classes

Our video on demand classes are now streaming from the Studio! This means that classes are no longer required to download to the Studio before they can be taken. 

If you already have classes downloaded onto your Studio, those classes will stay cached, meaning you won’t need to stream them. Any classes that were previously queued for download will be removed from the queue and will automatically stream when you tap the class tile. 

In order to have a seamless streaming experience, we recommend a strong WiFi connection or LAN port (ethernet). 

Download speeds:

  • We recommend 50 Mbps, with a minimum requirement of 25 Mbps

Upload speeds:

  • We recommend an upload speed of 10 Mbps with a minimum of 5 Mbps

If a poor network connection is detected, a warning banner will appear at the top of your Studio screen and you may experience a choppy class. If the network connection issues continue, a popup will appear that offers the option to download the class instead of continuing to stream it. Just a note that if you choose to download the class, it will start from the beginning. 

More information on troubleshooting network issues can be found in our Network Troubleshooting Guide.

Subsection: Auto-Download Mode

If you would prefer to keep classes downloaded onto your Studio instead of streaming, you can opt for Auto-Download mode by tapping into Settings > System > Auto Download New Classes. Toggling that to ON will allow classes to download locally instead of stream on your Studio. You can adjust this setting at any time.