I’m trying to adjust the volume but it’s not changing

You can adjust the volume in two places on the Studio:

  1. Within the workout by tapping the speaker icon on the top right corner of the screen which opens the sound panel, or
  2. Within the Studio Settings and tapping Sound, which will open the sound panel.

If you’re trying to adjust the volume within a workout by tapping the volume level, you should be able to hear a “beep” indicating that the volume is adjusting on the scale. If you don’t hear that, or if you are not able to adjust the volume in the workout:

  1. Open the Studio Settings and tap the Sound button. In the sound panel, make sure that System is set to ON.
  2. Try adjusting the volume within the main Sound panel. You should now hear the “beep” as you adjust volume up or down.
  3. Try adjusting the volume for the trainer and/or music.
  4. Make sure that the output is showing either the Studio or bluetooth headphones, whichever output you are trying to hear from.
  5. If it is set to bluetooth headphones and you are not hearing sound, try switching the Output to Studio. If you hear sound through the Studio speakers, there may be an issue with your headphones and not the Studio itself. Make sure that your bluetooth headphone volume is turned up to a reasonable level on the headphones themselves.

Note: the Studio currently does not allow the instructor to be muted while the music is playing. If the instructor is muted, the trainer will be muted too.

If you are unable to adjust the volume in the class or within the Sound Settings, please contact our Member Support team at support@formelife.com so that we can help you further troubleshoot the issue.