My ethernet cable is plugged into the Studio, but I’m not able to connect to the internet

To determine if your Studio is successfully connected to the internet, open the Control Center on the top right corner of the Studio screen, then tap the WiFi button. Under the ethernet tab, look to see whether a check mark appears next to the connection name. If there is a check mark, the Studio is connected to the internet. 

If there is no check mark:

  1. Make sure the ethernet cable is fully plugged into the port in the back of the Studio. 
  2. Unplug and replug the ethernet cable into the port, or try a different port in the router.
  3. Reset the router. Once it powers back on, check the ethernet connection on the Studio.
  4. Unplug the ethernet cable from the Studio port and connect it to another device (computer, etc.) to determine whether that device can connect to the internet.
  5. If you have another ethernet cable, try removing the current ethernet cable and plugging in the new one to determine whether the issue is with the ethernet port.
  6. Try to connect the Studio to a WiFi network by tapping into the Settings, then tapping the WiFi button. Tap the tab for WiFi and find your network on the list. Enter the credentials for the network and wait for the check mark to appear next to the network name.
    1. If you are not able to connect the Studio to WiFi or ethernet, we recommend troubleshooting the network connection with your internet provider.
    2. If you are able to connect the Studio to WiFi but not ethernet:
      1. Check to see if another wired device can connect to your network using the same port on your router as the one connected to Studio. If you’re unable to connect another device via the same router port, it’s likely that the router is malfunctioning, or the specific port in the router is malfunctioning. Please try to connect it to another port in the router.
      2. Unplug the ethernet cable that you are using to connect the Studio and connect it to another wired device. If you are not able to access the internet on another device using the same cable, the cable might need to be replaced. We recommend repeating this step with another cable if you have one.
      3. If you can connect another wired device to your network, but still cannot connect the Studio to the network, using the same ethernet cable and port in the router, please contact our Member Support team at so that we can further troubleshoot the issue.