I’m seeing an error message when trying to sign into my account on the Studio.

There are a few different error messages that might pop up on your Studio screen when you’re trying to sign into your account:

Wrong Email or Password

You might see this message if you’re trying to sign in using an incorrect email address and/or password combination. If you’re not sure if you are typing the password correctly, tap the eyeball icon to the right of the password line to see what you’re typing.

If you can’t remember your password, you can change it on the web app by clicking "Forgot your password?" on the sign in screen. This will take you through a password reset flow. Once your password has been reset through the web app, you can use it to sign into your account on the Studio.

Guest Limit Reached

You might see this message if you’re trying to add a 7th profile to the Studio. The Studio supports 1 membership owner and up to 5 additional profiles. If you try to add a 7th profile, you’ll be asked to remove another profile before adding the new one.

To remove a profile, see How do I add or remove a member profile to or from my Studio?.