Network Connection Requirements

A strong WiFi connection or LAN port (ethernet) is required to have the best experience with your Studio and will help minimize any disruption when taking classes.

If you will be using WiFi, your Studio will require a reliable connection. We recommend cable or fiber internet over DSL. The router should not be positioned directly behind where the Studio is installed, as that can lead to interference.

For Class content:

  • We recommend download speeds of 50 Mbps, with a minimum requirement of 25 Mbps
  • We recommend upload speeds of 10 Mbps with a minimum of 5 Mbps

For Live 1:1 Training:

  • We require upload and download speeds of at least 10 Mbps

We support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi networks. We will not be able to support any enterprise, or advanced network configurations at this time including networks that require additional log in steps, or VPN connections.

We strongly recommend that you test your WiFi speed in the room where you will have your Studio installed to ensure the best performance. To perform an internet speed test on your mobile device:

  • Position yourself in the same location where your Studio is or will be installed.
  • On your mobile device, open a browser tab and visit (while connected to the same WiFi network where the Studio will be connected).
  • Tap “Go” and wait for the download and upload Mbps to complete.

If your network speed is <10 Mbps, please contact our Fitness Concierge team ( for recommendations on ways to improve your connectivity.