How do I pair my bluetooth headphones?

The FORME Studio pairs with most bluetooth headphones. To pair your headphones, first make sure they are in pairing mode, and have them close to the Studio. Next, under Settings, tap Bluetooth → Pair Headphones. When your headphones appear on the “Pair A Device” list, tap them to connect. A check mark will appear next to the device indicating that it has successfully been paired and it will move under Your Devices.

Other headphones that are in range that are not being used will appear under “Pair a New Device.”

If you no longer want to use your headphones while using the Studio, you can go back to Settings, tap Bluetooth → Pair Headphones, and then tap the Forget button next to your selected device.

If you’re having trouble connecting with bluetooth, take a look at our Bluetooth Headphones Troubleshooting Guide.

Quick note on bluetooth headphones: navigating your Studio with your headphone controls (pause, play, skip, etc.) is not supported at this time.