Using your Heart Rate Monitor

To pair the FORME Heart Rate Monitor included in your accessories box, please follow these steps:

  1. Before putting on the monitor, make sure that the electrodes on the chest strap are very wet! You can place the strap under running water to ensure you have the best chance for a successful connection.
  2. If not done so already, snap the sensor piece onto the chest strap, then proceed with putting on the strap.
  3. The monitor strap should be positioned directly on the skin under the sternum - not lower or higher. If it’s not sitting in the correct place, it will not be able to detect a heartbeat.
  4. Make sure the belt is adjusted to be snug in place on your sternum. If it is loose, it might not be able to detect a heartbeat. There should be approximately 4-6” of space before you can pull the belt closed.
  5. The FORME Heart Rate Monitor uses on-chest detection. When a heartbeat is detected, the LED light will flash red. 
  6. Once the monitor is on, in place, and connected, go to your Studio Settings and tap Bluetooth, then Pair HR Monitor. If the Heart Rate Monitor is detecting a heartbeat, you’ll see the device listed under “Pair A Device”. The blue LED light will also flash, indicating the HRM is in pairing mode.
  7. Tap the device to pair it. A check mark will appear next to the device indicating that it has successfully been paired. When the device is paired the blue LED will stop flashing

Other devices that are in range but are not being used will also appear under “Pair a New Device.”

More detailed instructions on proper Heart Rate Monitor use can be found in the instruction pamphlet.

Things to double check if you're having trouble connecting to your HRM consistently:

  1. It’s possible that the HRM will not always stay snug on the chest. If it lifts from the skin, the HRM will disconnect from bluetooth and go into sleep mode. If this happens, you might need to re-pair the HRM to the bluetooth.
  2. Please always make sure the chest strap is positioned snuggly directly on your skin and that the electrodes are very wet before putting it on. We also recommend using electrode gel to ensure there is enough moisture between the strap and the skin.

If you’re having trouble connecting with bluetooth, take a look at our Heart Rate Monitor Troubleshooting Guide.